Mechanism Kit Assembly and Disassembly

An Augmented reality application that allows the user to understand about the mechanism kit and scan the image target and place a CAD model of the Mechanism Kit to understand it clearly. The user can create a new account and can access the application using the registered email id and password. If the user forgets the password associated with the registered email id, they can use the forgot password option and can create a new password for the registered email id. The user can the access the features of the application by using the main menu FSM Mechanism Kit Assembly and Disassembly 2 where different buttons are linked with the assembling and disassembling. The user can then play the animations of the screws, Allen Keys, screwdrivers, and the parts of mechanism kit. The steps can be played multiple times as per the requirements. The user can switch between the steps using the next and previous buttons.

Application Uses

Self-Guided Training
Self-Guided Maintenance
Action Latency Reduction
Remote Maintenance
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