Industrial Automation Driving Industry 4.0

About this course

This course is designed on a Simulation platform. It’s a self-paced online course where you get to learn different domains of Automation like Pneumatic, Electro-Pneumatics, PLC programming and Electrical Connections of a PLC. You will create different industrial projects and simulate them on the software during the course tenure. This
course is a blend of lecture videos, Step-by-step documents, and Live sessions to give a complete idea and knowledge of Industrial Automation to you.

By the end of the course, you will be ready to write a PLC program for machines with DI, DO, AI and AO. You will be able to understand and create pneumatic and electro-pneumatic circuits depending on the industrial application.

What will you gain ?

1. Ladder Logic Programming
3. Electro-Pneumatics (Software + Hardware)
2. Pneumatics (Software + Hardware)
4. Electrical Connections of a PLC

Course Content

Day 1

Pneumatic Components Introduction, Creating Pneumatic connections on software and creating an Industrial Application
Day 2
Electro-Pneumatic Components Introduction, Creating Pneumatic and electrical connections on software and creating an Industrial Application
Day 3

Hardware identification of PLC , PLC Programming on basic instructions, Timers, Counters, and Digital I/Os
Project: Programming a PLC for an Industrial Application

Day 4

PLC programming on compare instructions and Analog I/Os

Project: Programming a PLC (with analog Inputs and Outputs) for an Industrial Application

Day 5
Self- project where in the participants will be given an opportunity to try out the use case that they have in mind using the simulation software to simulate and test their application
Minimum hardware requirement

1. 4GB Ram, i3 processor with windows 8 or above version.

2. Windows is a must. Software doesn’t run on macos or linux

No prerequisites are required


Is this limited to any stream?

No, Anyone interested in industrial Automation can join the course.

Any knowledge of PLC is required before joining the course?

No. You will be starting from the scratch but having prior knowledge will help you to complete the course early.
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