Cyber Physical Factory


Cyber physical factory (CPF) is also known as Discrete Micro Production Facility or simply Micro Production Facility. It demonstrates the convergence of the Informational Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) at micro factory level where the machines are discretely located. It has 18 varieties of machines for different manufacturing operations.

The key features that this factory has:
  1. Customer Order Management
  2. Production Order Management
  3. Material Management
  4. Performance Management
  5. Customer Relationship
  6. Operations Intelligence
  7. Quality Management
  8. Error-Proofing
  9. Maintenance Management
  10. Energy Management
  11. Workforce Management
  12. Environment and Safety
We have converted legacy machines into digitized smart machines like lathe machine, shearing machine. The Mobile Collaborative Robot is used for inbound logistics. The following image demonstrates the material and manufacturing process for a typical product like a hydraulic pump flange.

Material flow

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