Mobile Collaborative Robot


The Mobile Collaborative Robot (MCR) is developed to achieve autonomous material transportation within the Cyber Physical Factory. The MCR consists of a TM5M700 collaborative robot mounted on top of an Addverb Automated Mobile Robot (AMR). The AMR uses a LIDAR and two depth cameras to navigate using Natural Navigation. It has a payload of 150 kg. The AMR runs on Robot Operating System (ROS). The collaborative robot mounted on top of the AMR has a camera on it. The cobot can be programmed using ROS or the TMFlow software. The feed from the camera can be used for object detection. The cobot has a payload of 6 Kg. The MCR can also be controlled using a Fleet Management System. The MCR can be dispatched to various locations in the map using REST Api communication through the Fleet Management System.

AMR + COBOT Present in FSM Lab


Autonomous Mobile Robot With TM5M700 Cobot


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