Multimaterial 3D printer


The Multi-material Additive Manufacturing Machine is a versatile machine made by Hyrel 3D and AMS. It is not 'just a 3D printer'. It is a Large format, Rapid Prototyping, Research, Manufacturing and Educational Platform. This 3D printer is customizable on various levels: build volume, print bed, extruder, and more. It is equipped with the capacity to attach 5 tool heads simulatneously. We have tool heads for printing common FDM filaments(PLA, ABS, PC, PEEK), clays, biologicals, flexibles, UV-curables, RTV Silicones, etc. It is highly evolutive and also offers options for 4th and 5th axes, PCB milling tool, 3-phase machining tool and CO2 or Diode lasers (laser cutting).
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