Smart Manufacturing Training Kits


Smart trainer kits are used to train industry and academic people and make them aware about Industry 4.0 technologies. It is a combination of three independent hardware accessories- PLC Trainer Kit, HMI Kit and Mechanism Kit. All these kits demonstrate the industry 4.0 technologies in the best possible way. These were designed, manufactured and integrated in FSM.

Modules/Trainings covered in these kits:
  1. PLC Programming, Network Protocols
  2. HMI Designing
  3. Data Logging 
  4. Dashboard Designing, NodeRed
  5. IIOT gateways and platforms
  6. Augmented Reality
  7. Machine Learning
  8. Smart Sensing
  9. Motion configuration and programming
  10. Vision System

1. PLC Trainer Kit

This is one of the kits of the smart manufacturing trainer module. This kit has the brain of  the other two kits (HMI Kit and Mechanism Kit) as programming is done in this kit. It has a PLC for programming and digital inputs/outputs, analog inputs/outputs to connect the required sensors with the PLC. It has an IO link module to connect the smart sensors, so alongwith the 24VDC or analog input this module communicates the sensor status with the PLC. Data logging and data collection is one of the critical steps for IIOT  and for that we have integrated IOT gateway and other software platforms in this kit. To connect sensors with the PLC, banana connectors are used. It can communicate on a number of network protocols and it has the feature to communicate with multiple HMIs and Servo drives. In programming kit we have PLC hardwares from Rockwell, Siemens, Schneider, Omron, Delta, Turck and Mitsubishi for programming and various softwares. NUC is also integrated in the kit so that it can be used as CPU for softwares and PLC programming. So, this kit is more than sufficient to demonstrate the features of the PLC, gateways and software platforms (Data Logging, Augmented Reality ,IIOT gateways and platforms), Smart Sensing .

2. HMI Kits

Human Machine Interface is used to monitor and access the PLC data. Screens can be created depending on the application.This is the second kit of the smart manufacturing trainer module. It has HMI to display the screens and monitor the PLC tags. The hardware buttons and LEDs as well which are connected with the PLC trainer kit using banana connectors, mostly like plug and play. These are used to test the PLC program and as input and output in the PLC program. HMIs used in these kits are smart HMIs which have smart features like OPC UA server/client, MQTT compatibility, user authentication on the screens, act as an edge device etc. So, kit is used to visualise the PLC logic. Additionally it demonstrates the HMI Designing and Dashboard designing feature.

3. Mechanism Kit

This is the third kit of the smart trainer modules used to demonstrate a working manufacturing system. It has a servo motor and drive to rotate an indexing table. Along with the motion feature, it has four stations which can be used to demonstrate multiple operations. Each station has smart inductive sensors to sense the part's presence which consists of the distance and proximity sensors, servo drive, test product, RFID Reader, Solenoid, USB Camera mounted on them.

Station 1: It has a RFID controller used to read and write the tag values of a product. It communicates with IO Link master (present in PLC trainer kit) and IO link master communicates the data with the PLC. So, RFID operation and use case is demonstrated.

Station 2: This station consists of a distance sensor used to calculate the height or distance of the product. It is a smart sensor and communicates with IO Link master. So, along with the analog value it communicates it’s status to the PLC as well. Verification of product dimension is also demonstrated.

Station 3: This station has a vision camera installed on it. This camera is used for image processing and product testing. Sorting operation is performed using the image processing feature.

Station 4: This station has a solenoid which is directly connected with the digital output of the PLC. Extension and retraction of the solenoid is programmed in the PLC for this operation.

This mechanism kit is used to demonstrate and train motion configuration and programming, Vision System, Smart Sensing, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality.


Programming Kit




Mechanism Kit

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