Competency Building in Industry 4.0

About this course

The "Competency Building in Industry 4.0" course covered essential topics for implementing Industry 4.0 technologies in the industrial sector. Participants learnt about IIOT connectivity, creating digital SOPs, part tracking, and how to simulate a robotic cell. The course also covered the use of cobots for pick and place operations in assembly lines. These carefully crafted learning sessions provided valuable insights to the participants into these major domains, and they will be able to apply these learnings in their unique use cases. By the end of the course, participants got the necessary knowledge and skills to stay competitive in the evolving industrial landscape.

What HAL Team gained ?

1. Thorough understanding of Industry 4.0 technologies and tools
3. Ability to create digital SOPs and track parts using RFID technology
5. Ability to analyze real-time data and create dashboards for assembly lines
7. Competitive advantage in the rapidly evolving industrial landscape
2. Knowledge of IIOT connectivity and how to implement it in assembly lines
4. Expertise in simulating robotic cells and programming cobots for pick and place operations
6.Increased productivity and reduced downtime in the workplace

Course Content

Day 1

Implementing IIOT Connectivity

  • Implementing IIOT connectivity on an Assembly Line.
Day 2

Mapping Data and creating Dashboards

  • Finalizing Data and Monitor Realtime data on an IIOT platform to monitor Data of the Assembly Line
  • Creating IIOT Dashboard of the Assembly Line
  • Designing a front-end UI for the operator to operate the parameters/tags of the program in the HMI.
Day 3

Creating Digital SOPs + Part Tracking

  • Creating Digital SOPs for the Assembly line
  • Tracking a part in an assembly line (RFID)
Day 4

Robotic Simulation of a Robotic Cell

Day 5

Pick and Place of a pallet in an assembly line using cobot

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