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Sanjeev Kumar P


Hi, Vaibhav here.

I completed my post-graduation in the Master of Computer Applications from CCS University in 2020.

Before joining FSM, I used to teach programming languages. I began teaching with C language and eventually advanced on to teaching C++, Java (SE) and Android application development. I taught for 5 years and completed my post-graduation side by side.

At FSM I develop Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality applications using Unity, Vuforia, & Microsoft HoloLens 2. One of my applications, designed for FSM, is also published on the Google Play Store. I have expertise in Augmented Reality applications and work on Python backend and Machine Learning Projects.

At FSM I also work as a trainer and have designed the course curriculum for all-rounded hands-on learning, recorded lectures and took lab sessions and guided the students, professors, and employees during the live lab sessions.

At FSM I also got the opportunity to work with surgeons from a government hospital to research & develop Augmented Reality applications to be used to train new surgeons and also to help surgeons while doing surgeries.

I like learning about all the new tech and adding screens to my desk.

Sanjeev Kumar P
Sanjeev Kumar P
  • AR Maintenance using HoloLens
  • Expert Maintenance System using HoloLens
  • Smart Mechanism Kit Motor Replacement Sequence using HoloLens
  • FSM AR Demo
  • Unity ROS Cobot using HoloLens
  • AR Surgery Bent Plate
  • AR Surgery Spine Screw Insertion

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