Sanjeev Kumar

Sanjeev Kumar P


Hi, I am Sanjeev Kumar. I belong to Meerut and I have done my Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology (B.Tech.) at JP Institute of Engineering and Technology, Batch 2016-2020. After completing my graduation, I did my internship in a project-based company in Noida. I like coding and logic-building programming. I developed many mobile applications just for improving my skills like Student Management System, Location-based reminder, and incoming calling auto recording application. My next initiative would be to develop a video calling and chatting application. In the area of my interest, there are lots of things that i enjoy like traveling, video games, reading books, movies, and music. I joined FSM on 7th Feb 2022 and I like the environment of this company. I learned many things in FSM about automation and IIoT. Their are very supportive people in FSM and treat everyone like a family. Every time when we face any challenge, regardless of the individual’s domain each team member steps up to the challenge together. I enjoyed working with this team during many events like DD Robocon and ABU Robocon. I would like to thank Arun sir for his constant support and guidance. He has been like a pillar for me in FSM.

I started my journey in IAFSM on 7th Feb 2022. This platform is amazing. Before working here, I was in Surat, Gujarat in an E-Commerce Company as a Software Developer. I am good at Mobile Application Development. I work on the Web as well. In IAFSM, I work under the leadership of Mr. Vaibhav Anand. He is good as a mentor. We did many projects together. I was part of DD Robocon 2022 & ABU Robocon 2022 events as an organizer team. I work on Flutter, Node JS, Python, PHP, WebRTC, Joomla, React JS, and Firebase.

Sanjeev Kumar P
Sanjeev Kumar P
  • IAFSM Lab Autonomy
  • Workstations Order Application
  • MPRC Dashboard
  • MPRC Order Application
  • CP Factory Application
  • Workstations Dashboard
  • DD Robocon User and Admin Website
  • ABU Robocon User and Admin Website
  • Smart Warehouse
  • IAFSM Website Management

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