Industrial Automation and IoT using Soft-PLC

About this course

This course is completely designed on the Codesys platform using Soft-PLC. Throughout this self-paced online course, participants will be trained on the basics of ladder logic programming, Visualization of a Human-Machine Interface for controlling the program parameters, and Motion programming with a basic linear axis motion to rotary of single-axis motion. This course also explains the communication between the edge tier & platform tier using a data aggregator software, an interface that is created between the Soft-PLC and the data aggregator using OPC-UA Server and Client plug-in.

By the end of the course, you will be ready for programming a codesys platform-based hardware with HMI features, programming motion controller with Open PLC blocks, knowledge of how OPC-UA Server-Client works and how to communicate the data of a Soft-PLC on Codesys Driver.

What will you gain ?

1. Ladder Logic Programming
3. Basics of Motion Programming
2. Designing HMI and animation
4. Connectivity of OPC-UA Server and Client

Course Content

Day 1

Basics of codesys software and the basic instructions used in the ladder logic programming.
Day 2
Designing a front-end UI for the operator to operate the parameters/tags of the program in the HMI.
Day 3
Overview of function block programming, explaining how the single-axis linear system and the single-axis rotary index system with multiple stations.
Day 4
Extracting the data out of the PLC to control and monitor the application remotely within the network.
Day 5
Self- project where in the participants will be given an opportunity to try out the use case that they have in mind using the Soft-PLC along with HMI screens and remote monitoring.
Minimum hardware requirement

1. 4GB Ram, i3 processor with windows 8 or above version.

2. Windows is a must. Software doesn’t run on macos or linux

No prerequisites are required


Laptop/ PC minimum requirements?

4GB Ram, i3 processor with windows 8 or above version.

I don't know what PLC is should I join this course?

Yes, you will get a chance to learn more about it.

Where can I find The Economist?

Its not limited, anyone with Automation interest can join this course.
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