Software used for AR : Here are various software we are using for the smart manufacturing purpose in AR.


 It is an AR application designed and developed to provide a complete 3D CAD model of the FSM Smart Kits. The application uses a pre-defined Image Target and superimposes a 3D CAD of the Smart Manufacturing Training Kits. The user can visualize the smart kit without having access to the physical kit. He/She can click on the individual parts to display information about them. He/She can also get an exploded view of the CAD to understand the disassembly process. All activity of the user is also being logged on the cloud and displayed on a dashboard, this allows us to track the progress of the user.

Kits AR Demo

It is an AR application which uses the physical FSM Smart Kit as an Image Target and adds information about their individual components. The app also allows the user to click on the individual parts and learn about them.

Bent Plate AR

It is an AR application to help the surgeon in verifying and sensing the correctness of the bent plate. The application uses a 2D Image Target to superimpose the CAD of the bent plate on the Image Target. The surgeon will try to match the physical plate to the superimposed cad to confirm the correct bent.

Spine Screw AR

It is an AR application to guide the surgeon for drilling correct holes in the spine to insert screws. The application uses a 3D spine as the Model Target, then superimposes the screws on the CAD. This will guide the surgeon to determine the angle and location of the screws. 

Mechanism Kit’s Assembling and Disassembling Sequence Using AR Animation

 It is an AR application that provides a step-by-step process to assemble and disassemble the FSM Mechanism Kit.

Working of Cobots in AR

It is an AR application that provides the user a 3D visualization of the Cobot joints' movements. Use sliders to move the joints and learn about the working of Cobots.

Scanning Area and Placing Full-Scale Objects

It is an AR application to scan the surroundings and place full-scale objects to confirm size requirements.

FSM Smart Machines Catalogue

It is an AR application to get a 3D view of all the smart machines and kits at FSM.

Assembly Station Process in AR

It is an AR application that replicates the assembly process of the assembly line. It gives the user a complete visualization of every step of the assembly process.


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